Our First Anniversary Continued (Plus Our Wedding Video That Almost Never Was)


Last weekend Mark and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! After I surprised Mark with the recordings of our ceremony songs by our wedding band and a custom portrait from Rifle Paper Co., Mark led me downstairs to his music studio where he had a big projection screen set up. When he hit play on the projector I got the best anniversary gift I could have asked for. Here’s Mark to explain…

The Wedding Video That Almost Never Was

I’ll start off by saying the videographer we hired did not show up to our wedding. Yeah, we were pretty upset, too.

This news was broken to us somewhere between the best man speech and the cutting of the cake. It was a hard pill to swallow, trust me. All of this hard work we had done, the music, the speeches, the laughter, the tears, were all lost. Now they were just memories. And you can’t just upload memories into a computer. (Where would you put the cord?)

So, instead of moping around about all this, I asked our friends and family if they happened to get any snippets or moments from our big day with their iPhones, cameras, tape recorders, anything.

Here’s what I pieced together:

The next time someone tells you to turn off your camera-phone during a wedding ceremony, politely tell them they’re wrong.


It was the sweetest and most sentimental gift, and Mark did a beautiful job with the footage we had. Who needs a videographer anyway?! If you’re interested, you can read our complete wedding vows in this post.

Part 2 of Mark’s gift to me was the top I’d been coveting from Anthropologie. I’m sure it will be making an appearance on the blog soon!

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