Our Exciting Baby News

Our Exciting Baby News

When Mark and I were teenagers, we fell in love. 10 years later we got married on a clear day in June. I wore a white dress but aquamarine shoes and he wore a bowtie to match. We dined on lasagna cupcakes and walked down the aisle to “Champs Elysees.” We both had stars in our eyes. We decided that we would relish in our first year of marriage without making any big changes to our relationship. But the truth is, we spent most of that first year talking and dreaming about what it would be like to have a baby. Whether we were at the museum or the farmers market or cuddled in bed, we would talk about what it would be like to share those moments we loved with a tiny human, too.

They say there’s never going to be a “right time” to have a baby. You just have to take that leap of faith, and figure it out afterward. But for two people who are normally such Type A planners (and could easily just talk about something for months and months, without making any moves), the timing just felt right. We were so sure we wanted this. So, we decided to make a baby!

I think the thing that excites me the most about this baby is that Mark and I get to share in the whole experience. It makes me giggle to think that I met a boy in drama class when I was 15 years old, and now here we are almost 12 years later, having a baby together. And I can already tell you, this is hands down the coolest thing we’ve ever done together. I think about that everyday. Our trip to Europe, moving into our first house, our wedding even—they ain’t got nothing on this experience. Little peanut is set to arrive on September 22nd, by the way.

P.S. I apologize for abandoning the blog lately, but at least I can finally share why! I’ve had pretty nasty morning sickness these past three months, which has made it hard for me to keep up with Hooray Hurrah. The biggest misconception is that morning sickness only happens in the morning. It’s actually been the worst at night in my case! Luckily, it’s finally starting to subside, so I promise I’ll be back blogging asap.

I’ve also been busy cofounding my own digital media company with two of my colleagues (and amazing friends) from my last company. We’re still running LaurenConrad.com with Lauren, but now we’re overseeing all the big picture strategy and sales, in addition to the editorial like before. Exciting stuff! Plus I have the flexibility of working from home now, which will be ideal when baby gets here. See what I mean about the timing for all of this just feeling so totally right?

P.P.S. When I snapped the above photo Mark was like, “Are you taping our baby to the wall with washi tape?” You betcha.

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Dress Up: Instant Glamour


These sequin sweatpants are kind of genius, really. They’re so cozy and so glamorous at the same time. Pulling them on is kind of like swiping on some red lipstick when you’re in jeans and a simple chambray shirt—easy peasy glamour! Also, they’re on sale now






shirt is from madewell (similar here)| pants are wayf crop sequin track pants | sunglasses are elizabeth and james lafayette sunnies | purse is rebecca minkoff mini m.a.c. | Shoes are j. crew janey patent flats | headband is from anthropologie

Photos: Mark Saul

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Home Tour: Our Living Room and Dining Nook


Today I thought it would be fun to share a little peek inside our home, starting with the living and dining rooms. We’ve lived in our Silver Lake house for almost four years now. It’s a duplex and Mark’s sister lives in the other unit, which is always fun. My good friend and fellow blogger Stephanie offered to shoot it for us, so you can thank her for the beautiful photos…

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Hooray For: Hometown Pride


It’s almost silly how much love I have for this city. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the whole of my 26 years, and you still couldn’t tear me away if you tried. I was born and raised and educated in LA (Go Bruins!). I learned to drive on this city’s notoriously nutty streets. I got my first job in Los Angeles, my first apartment, and my first real home. I fell in love in LA, and got married here too. One day, Mark and I will raise cute little Angeleno babies here! Los Angeles, let’s just say that you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon.


1. sisters of los angeles mug | 2. sisters of los angeles notebook set | 3. kris nations california ring | 4. california state cookie cutter | 5. elizabeth and james los angeles sweatshirt | 6. rifle paper co. los angeles print | 7. rocket ink california print | 8. schoolhouse electric pennant pillow

And hey, the rest of The Golden State isn’t too shabby either!

You might remember that I have the California pennant pillow in my bedroom. I actually have 6, 7, and 8 displayed in my home right now!

Photo: Novel Brand

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