Hooray For: Hometown Pride


It’s almost silly how much love I have for this city. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the whole of my 26 years, and you still couldn’t tear me away if you tried. I was born and raised and educated in LA (Go Bruins!). I learned to drive on this city’s notoriously nutty streets. I got my first job in Los Angeles, my first apartment, and my first real home. I fell in love in LA, and got married here too. One day, Mark and I will raise cute little Angeleno babies here! Los Angeles, let’s just say that you’re not getting rid of me anytime soon.


1. sisters of los angeles mug | 2. sisters of los angeles notebook set | 3. kris nations california ring | 4. california state cookie cutter | 5. elizabeth and james los angeles sweatshirt | 6. rifle paper co. los angeles print | 7. rocket ink california print | 8. schoolhouse electric pennant pillow

And hey, the rest of The Golden State isn’t too shabby either!

You might remember that I have the California pennant pillow in my bedroom. I actually have 6, 7, and 8 displayed in my home right now!

Photo: Novel Brand

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