Wedding Bells: What Does Your Bouquet Mean?

This blog on flower symbolism is probably my favorite one I’ve written yet for! I was first introduced to the language of flowers when I was picking out blooms for my wedding bouquet, and my fascination with perennials—and the meaning behind them—has only intensified since. So, I staged a mini floral photo shoot to explain it…


My own bridal bouquet (designed by the very talented Mr. Caballero Creative) included peonies (“prosperity”) and fluffy, pink cabbage roses (“gratitude”). I have to admit—I mostly made that decision on looks alone, but perhaps I’ll add some anemones (“unfading love”) to the mix for an anniversary arrangement.

From a planning perspective, the floral design was definitely one of the highlights of our big day. I remember holding my bouquet in my hands and thinking how surreal everything felt—I had never seen such a beautiful arrangement before!


Oh, and the bridesmaids bouquets weren’t too shabby either…


What flowers would/did you include in your bouquet?

I’m still partial to peonies, even though their alternate meaning is actually “bashfulness.”

P.S. These seed-to-ceremony custom bouquets are a pretty lovely idea too, don’t you think?

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