Parisian Love Locks


Have you heard about the campaign to ban ‘love locks’ in Paris? When you walk along the Seine in Paris, all of the bridges are covered in padlocks with the names of lovers scrawled on them. The keys are thrown in the river to represent everlasting, unbreakable love. But it turns out the old bridges have been creaking under the weight of the locks, and locals have started a campaign to get them banned. Ha!

When Mark and I were in Paris on our honeymoon, we bought a love lock from a street vendor to take back home (because we heard they have to cut them off every so often to make room for more). We secured the lock to our balcony railing in L.A., and then threw the key in our beloved Silver Lake Reservoir. In retrospect, I’m sure glad we did it that way! And anyway, it’s kind of sweet to get to see our lock everyday.

Illustration: Mark Saul for Hooray Hurrah

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