Hooray For… Emerald


Tangerine Tango is SO last year. Pantone has wasted no time in naming their new Color of the Year, and 2013 is all about Emerald. How do I feel about this, you ask? Well, not only is emerald my birthstone, but I tend to be a fan of green things on principle—kale, hybrid vehicles, and cacti come to mind. (And you know what? I don’t mind CeeLo Green either.) But in case you’re still not sold on Emerald, here are nine fine reasons to be singing the praises of this jolly green jewel tone…


1. tartan pants | 2. bralette | 3. sweater | 4. french oven | 5. ring | 6. ring | 7. eyeshadow palette | 8. vase | 9. boots

Illustration: Mark Saul for Hooray Hurrah

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  1. Stephanie T. says:

    I can dig this emerald trend! Great roundup!! Being my birthstone and all, I’ve been rocking the emerald for decades. Glad to see it is having a moment to shine once again!

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