DIY: Gilded Eggs


I’d been itching to experiment with gold leaf for a while now. It was actually much easier than I had anticipated! I started with a few eggs, but now that I’ve got the knowhow to do it, someone’s probably going to have to stop me from covering everything I own in gold leaf…



These gilded eggs really make me want to stomp my foot and, in my very best Veruca Salt voice, proclaim:

Gooses! Geeses! I want my geese to lay gold eggs for Easter!


Here’s how I made them…




  1. Cover the area that you want to remain white with washi tape.
  2. Use your brush to apply a thin layer of metal leaf adhesive onto the surface of the egg. Wait 30 to 45 minutes for the adhesive to dry and become tacky.
  3. Gently pick up a sheet (or part of a sheet) of gold leaf and apply to the tacky surface, firmly pressing into place and smoothing it out as you go. Use your brush to remove any excess gold leaf.
  4. Very gently, peel the washi tape off of the eggs.
  5. Spray your eggs with two coats of metal leaf spray sealer, waiting 15 minutes in between coats. (This stuff is a little potent, so I recommend doing this last step outside.)

Photos: Mark Saul

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