Beauty Banter: Loose Glitter Nails


Have you ever seen anything so sparkly? I’ve gotten it done a number of times now, but I’m still in awe of this loose glitter manicure from Gloss Nail Spa here in Silver Lake. First, they start with a layer of gel polish. Then they sprinkle a layer of loose glitter onto your nails and shake off any excess. (It looks just like craft glitter, but it’s actually a cosmetic grade glitter specially made for manicures.) Finally, they seal the glitter off with another layer or two of gel polish, curing each coat under a UV light per usual.


This has practically become my signature mani at this point—I even got my nails done in silver glitter for my wedding day! I must say, my nails almost outshone the ring on my finger.


When I don’t make it into the nail salon, Deborah Lippman’s ‘Happy Birthday’ is my very favorite polish for a similarly sparkly look. I love how big and chunky the glitter is.


Had you ever heard of a loose glitter manicure?

I’d be curious to know if other salons offer them too!

Photos: Mark Saul, Love Me Sailor

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