DIY: Hearts in a Jar Card


I’m always looking for an excuse to craft, and pretty much any holiday will do the trick. After 10 years together, Mark and I are sort of past the big-to-do-for-Valentine’s-Day phase, but the one tradition we have always upheld is making each other something handmade. So with V-Day two weeks away, I spent this peaceful Sunday crafternoon stamping and pasting in shades of pink and red. (Hopefully Mark won’t mind the spoiler of seeing his Valentine two weeks early!)

I used:


I strongly recommend investing in a set of envelope liner templates. Once you have them on hand, you’ll use them over and over and over again. No matter what size card you’re sending, you can add some major pizzazz with nothing but a coordinating sheet of patterned paper.



  1. Cut an envelope liner out of the fine paper, insert into the envelope, and adhere with a glue stick.
  2. Stamp a canning jar in the center of your card.
  3. Punch several hearts out of the same paper you used for the envelope liner, and glue inside the canning jar stamp.
  4. Use 3D foam squares to adhere the last couple hearts that are outside of the jar to give your card depth.


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  2. Stephanie T says:

    TOOOOOOO cute Ilana! I love them! Let’s craft together 🙂

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