Hooray For: Conversational Clothing


Have you ever wondered what your clothes would say if they could talk? My 7th grade duds said things like “princess” and “drama queen”—and then I silenced my wardrobe shortly thereafter. But lately I’ve been seeing all sorts of cute, conversational knits that are making me reconsider the post-middle school ban I put on shirts-with-words-on-them. This new breed of luxe loungewear is (literally) making a statement I can get behind…

HH-Hooray For-Conversational Clothing-2

And whadya know—some of these Chatty Cathy clothing items even speak French!

1. need ride to the mall | 2. i need coffee | 3. lucky | 4. madame | 5. bonjour

Illustration: Mark Saul for Hooray Hurrah

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One Response to Hooray For: Conversational Clothing

  1. Stephanie T. says:

    Love the illustration Mark did! You too are so savvy! I need some more fun phrase wardrobe in my life!

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