Wedding Bells: The Best Best Man Speech Ever

I realize that it’s mighty bold (and a wee bit biased) of me to call our best man Danny Langa’s speech the best one ever. I realize there have been many best man speeches, in many languages other than my native tongue, in many centuries other than the one in which I exist. But while I may not be able to say for sure that Danny’s best man speech was the best one ever, I do know a good speech when I hear one. I know when there is not a dry eye around me, and when the clink of the glasses is genuine and auspicious. And at the very least, hearing this speech was one of the most memorable moments of the most memorable night of my life. I could not be more pleased that Danny has agreed to let me share it on Hooray Hurrah…

I thought that I would share an observation I had.

Mark and I have been friends a long time now and a good portion of that time has been spent writing songs together. Writing songs is different than just playing music. It is a search.

Music technically has only 12 notes. But there are a seemingly endless amount of combinations. When you are writing songs you, basically, just use the little knowledge you have to mess around until you find something good. Usually, it starts off pretty mundane. We’ll play some easy chords to just get used to playing music again. Then someone (usually me) will start playing some notes that have nothing to do with anything and the jam quickly devolves into chaos. We’ll keep on playing and eventually regroup around a set of chords that feel like they work pretty well. Then about 15 minutes in, we’ll realize that we are playing a Beatles song and we have to start from scratch.

But after playing for maybe an hour or two, someone will just start playing some combination of notes and chords that feel right. I don’t know what it is or why it feels that way, but everything comes together and, as a songwriter, when you’ve got that perfect mix there is no better feeling in the world. You’ve successfully created something that makes you feel good. Regardless of how it’s perceived by anyone else, you’ve made something that is just right. And sometimes when Mark and I are writing music and it starts to feel like we’ve got a good song in the works, I’ll look up and see this great big beaming smile across Mark’s face. Life is sublime.

Well, I think, that’s just about the best feeling in the world. It’s pride, joy, tension, and relief all mashed up into one. It’s the reason I play music and write songs.

And Mark, I envy you, because, a few weeks ago when we were hanging out at your house and Ilana came home from work, as soon as she walked in the door I looked over and you had the same big beaming smile.

Ilana, I know you will have a wonderful and amazing marriage because after 9 years, he’s still writing love songs about you.


Photos: Love Me Sailor; Danny is third from the left, and on the far right.

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